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Screw Your Nine To Five with Jill and Josh Stanton
March 29, 2016

Screw Your Nine To Five with Jill & Josh Stanton


How did you get started?

I actually got my start online hosting a web tv show I created and pitched to a production company, called TwentySomething TV. And while some may think nothing really came out of it (because it was never profitable) it taught me so many valuable skills that I use nearly every day with Screw the Nine to Five.

For example, I had to learn how to write conversationally, how to market on social media (even though I was horrendous at it in the beginning), how to build an audience and how to communicate through video in a way that is compelling and fun to watch. That then transitioned into me creating and managing a social media management business for nearly 18 months to then shutting that down to go all-in on mine and Josh’s business.

So yeah, it’s been quite the (almost 10 year!) journey

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